But what if it doesn't work? What if I sign up and it's not as I expected?

I get it, trusting someone else to help you can be scary

What if they under deliver?

Or worse...

Run off with your money never to return!?

I've seen it happen before, so it's important to do your research when choosing someone to work with

So here's my Guarantee

I can't promise with 100% certainty that I'll be able to help you get amazing results

Anyone who says they can, simply isn't being truthful

What I can promise, is that I'll do everything I can to help you transform into the best runner you can be

I'll give you all the plans, systems, and strategies that thousands of runners before you have used, that are proven to bring great results

And most importantly, I'll be there every step of the way to guide and support you through it 

And if all of that doesn't work?

I'll happily give you every single penny back, and let you know what approach I believe is going to be a better fit for you

If I can't help you, I won't let you pay me, it's as simple as that

There's no benefit for me working with people who aren't a good fit for what I do

They'll end up getting average results, which makes me look average

So if I happen to offer you any coaching, it means I'm expecting you to do great things, and I'm confident that together, we will 

If you'd like to find out if I can help you, take 2 minutes to tell me a bit about yourself

I'll get back in touch and I'll share my honest opinion of what you really need, to truly reach your full potential in running

Liam Butterworth

Head Coach

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