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 Add up how many of your days fall into each category:

Low-intensity = 0-30%
Med-intensity = 31-70%
High-intensity = 71-100%


For most runners, a split of roughly two thirds low-intensity and one third of high-intensity will lead to great results.

If your training split doesn't reflect that, consider if it's down to the types of sessions you are doing (or not doing), or the way in which you are approaching them.


To get an idea of what a well-planned training week could look like, grab the perfect week planner by clicking the image below.

Need help?

I get it, figuring all this out by yourself can be hard work, and even then you end up second guessing yourself if you've done it the right way.

If you'd like to save the time and energy by having me do it for you and simply give you the perfect plan for your goals, tell me a little about your running by clicking the button below and I'll be in touch.

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