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Here’s what people are saying about the course

Saki Nakamura

Ultra Runner

I love the bite size chunks of learning

In the past I ignored a lot of things I didn't think were important for my running. Over the past 50 days, I've really learnt to manage every​thing that affects my running, and learnt how I can improve and grow. My confidence and results are improving with every race I do.

Maree Dowling

Multi-Distance Runner

I'm back to my best

I love that I've already got back to my best where I was 2 years ago. Everything was explained well and very simple to follow - I'm loving every minute of it!

Laurie Mckinnon

Professional Referee

I knew it was worth it very early on

The individual feel to the course makes it all feel worth it from very early on. I've now learnt that although I was putting in the time and effort before, I was just wearing myself out and not training smart. I've noticed a difference in my performance almost instantly, I feel much more confident that my running won't hold me back anymore.

Superstars I've Helped Reach Their Potential

Aries Merrit

Olympic Gold Medal Winner & World Record Holder

Usain Bolt

9 Time Olympic Gold Medal Winner & Double World Record Holder

Habiba Ghribi

Olympic Gold Medal Winner 

50 Days to Incredible Running - Liam Butterworth

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